Love conquers it all | Poem by Jane Shussa

September 15, 2017
poems by Jane shussa

So I have heard that,
Love conquers it all,
Love, the most powerful thing on earth,
So they say, when there’s love,
Nothing can come in between.

I beg to differ,
Not because I don’t believe in love.
Or the magnificent power it holds,
But why is it defeated by less powerful things?
Just yesterday they broke up,
Broke each other’s heart into pieces, why you ask?
Because their religion wasn’t a match,
And the love they had couldn’t conquer that,
And here I thought.
Our religions ought to teach us to love each other regardless,
I thought religions were there to unify us.

You can ask,
If love conquers it all, could there be wars?
All these killings around the world,
Where is love, you might wonder,
People kill one another for power,
Humanity has been murdered,
And love has been forgotten,
Erased from the languages we speak,
And has been replaced by hatred,
We hate everything around us,
And now we hate ourselves.

Sure, love conquers it all,
I can’t be so naive to say.
This can happen overnight,
It will happen when we,
As one, acknowledge the power it holds,
The power to change us.
To change this world
To be a place it meant to be,
A better place for us all,
Lets choose to love,
To love genuinely,
Until then, love will always be defeated.
Jane Shussa


I am that girl | Poem by Jane Shussa

July 6, 2017
that girl

I am that girl
Who have known
Love and happiness
The girl who knew nothing but how to love
How to be happy and trust people
Believe in life and love
I am that girl

I am that girl who has been
Broken into pieces
Lost hope for love
let alone Happiness
I am that girl who it rained all
Day in her eyes
I am that girl who has been
Eaten by resentment
Self doubt, sorrow
And sadness

I am that girl who loneliness
Found a place to dwell
Decisions and choices been drove by pain
Heartaches and headaches been
Her motivation
To lead a path of regrets

I am that girl
Who has known weakness
Through past experience
Strength found her
Stopped playing victim
Swallowed her pain
Owned her mistakes and her brokenness

I am that girl who chose self love
And self acceptance
Over self doubt
The girl who chose happiness over sadness
Love over hate
I am that girl who lights her darkness with self love
Giving up resentment and regrets
over gratitude and forgiveness
Forgave herself and living up to what’s right
Hope for love has been awakened by self love

I am that girl
Who believes in second chances
Who believes there’s always a new beginning
and a new ending
Who believes that her present and future life
Isn’t written by her past
Her imperfections and flaws as part
Of being human
And mistakes are nothing but lessons
A path to finding true self

I am that girl who will
Live as if tomorrow is not promised
Dream as if there’s no failing
Love like I have never been hurt
Trust as if there’s no betrayal
I am that girl

JS 🙂


The beauty of nature | Poem by Jane Shussa

July 5, 2017
the beauty of nature

The other day traveling
It rained all the way
It was a bit cold
And yet enjoyable
The air so fresh
That it gave me hope

Looking at the window
Seeing the green color
Of trees and grasses along the way
Just how beautiful all this is
How beautiful and inspiring is
And how it favors these plants
All they have do is stay still
And Believe in it
Believe in themselves enough
To know they will live
Because nature is for them
And they are part of it

It’s funny how plants like
Trees, flowers and
Other animals know
The law of nature
Than we humans do
We struggle, lost
Fighting against it
We think we are not part of it
That’s why we don’t believe in it

We don’t believe in ourselves
And the power that we
Hold within ourselves
Our thoughts and beliefs
Shape who we become
The law of nature is simple
Be whatever you want to be
Believe in what you want to become
Do what you have to
And let nature guide you
On manifesting your beliefs

the beauty of nature

JS 🙂


God, You and I | Poem by Jane Shussa

June 29, 2017
poems by Jane Shussa

Look at me,
Aren’t I great and blessed?
Whenever I look in the mirror
I see miracle
A miraculous being I am
Ooh dear,
Such a beautiful creation
Like my creator himself

I look different from others
And yet I see me
When I look in somebody’s eyes
I see
A reflection of me
A reflection of my creator
Such a fair artist
Created us all in the same way
To be sure we stay equal
Filled us with his passion and love

He lives in us
We live in him
We live in love
We are loved by love itself
We are one in many forms


A Grieving Heart | Poem by Jane Shussa

June 26, 2017
a grieving heart,poem by Jane Shussa

Seating by myself
In a calm forest
Watching the birds sing
Hearing the voice
Had no idea what it meant
Asked myself,
Is it a happy song?
The other part of my heart disagreed
Is it a sad song? I asked again
Then my eyes had a clear answer for me
My heart grieved through my eyes

As my eyes kept answering my question
My mind travelled miles back
When my heart was shuttered into pieces
It all came back like it was yesterday
When I had no vision of what’s gonna happen next
My mind didn’t stop there
And so were my eyes

My mind took me at one point of my life
Where everything never made sense
My hope was lost
Everything was covered with darkness
I lost that little faith I had
Just like a drop on the endless sea
I forgot I could be my own light
So I kept struggling

I couldn’t seat anymore
And was had to hear the voice
Of the birds singing
So I walked around
Trying to get my mind back
Then I saw a beautiful tree
With a number of beautiful flowers
Some drying and others blooming

I thought to myself
And I was amazed
I realized that tree and I
Were not different at all
Some of the flowers in my tree will dry
And some will bloom
I only had to teach my grieving heart
To accept that simple truth
And learn how to let go
Learn how to let go and
Allow new blooming to arrive
And enjoy every part of it
Each dropped leaf and flower
Is not a sign of loss
It simply means they played their roles
And they had to go
The tree will stand still
Remain stronger
Even after letting go of
Some leaves and flowers
And so will I
Jane Shussa