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Meet Jacqueline Alfonce Meela | A Teacher and a Model

November 14, 2017

Hi loves 🙂 how are you today? Did you guys have a good weekend and ready to conquer the week? I am 😉 Thank you for stopping by, let’s get started with our short chat with Jackie.

So, I have met Jackie through my friend Dorcas who is a designer. I have known Dorcas since college (2010) and we have been friends ever since. She knows I admire people who are doing more with their lives and are not afraid to take risks and go for their dreams that’s why she introduced me to Jackie. Her story inspired in so many ways that’s I decided to share it with you guys. And here is our chat,


Jane: So, shall we start from the beginning?

Jackie: My name is Jacqueline Alfonce Meela (23) a teacher by profession and a model. I am an orphan since I was two years old, I was raised up by my beautiful grandmother. Beyond my teaching career, in my free time/ after school I do modeling because I am passionate about it, I also get money from it to support my living expenses and I also support my beautiful grandmother.

The feeling of being an orphan was so hectic and traumatizing but I didn’t let it consume my energy, instead, I used it as a motivation for living a dream in me. I came to realize, sometimes you need hardship and struggles to generate the meaning.

Purpose is what creates powerful stories of struggles and triumph. If you don’t have a purpose, everything seems pointless.

Despite the fact that I lost my parents at a very young age, I managed to go to school. I studied very hard to become the person I am today. I believed that, for me to accomplish anything big or small is to acknowledge that I am in control, I get to decide ‘I can do this’

The process is hard because it requires taking on responsibilities, being like “okay this is my thing now, I have to do this”.

As I mentioned, I do modeling in my free time and I officially started in 2015 and I started with Christian fashion day show, then the modeling journey continued, then I did Shammy’s dream fashion show, Tanzanite fashion show, Vaa Africa fashion show, Arusha Gem Fair.


Jane: I am so sorry about your parents.

Jackie: Thank you, Jane.

Jane: But why modeling? Why not something else?

Jackie: Everyone’s story has a beginning…every life has its meaning and potential, but sometimes it’s hard to understand our own beginnings nor realizing our true potential… There are many ways to define our fragile existence and many ways to give its meaning, but it’s our love and passion that shape its purpose and give its context.

For me, the sound of my shoes gives great joy whenever I walk on the stage presenting a variety of beautifully designed outfits as a result of the utmost creativity portrayed through clothes and this has been a response from the effort invested through watching different TV programs on fashion and modeling.


Modelling is my passion. I do it from my heart, I enjoy doing it especially when I’m on stage, and I have loved it since I was 12. Other kids used to call me Miss Tz, but I just wanted to know more about modeling and fashion. (I might be in love with people in fashion, unknowingly 🙂  😉 you will know what I mean if you read this post 🙂

Jane: Are you expecting to do anything big next year or years to come?

Jackie: I am aspiring to achieve great things through modeling and fashion. At the moment I am so determined to win the Miss Polo International 2018 in Nigeria as I am the only contestant representing my beautiful country Tanzania.

Through this contest, I cast a stone and make a call to all models, especially young women across African and the globe in general, allow your gift to shine, allow yourself to use your voice, use your talents no matter where you may have limitations. There is always an opportunity to connect and be compassionate enough to share your gifts with the world.


Well, I also plan to open an orphanage center and a school, because children without parents are mostly forgotten in my society. I became a teacher because I love children, and I will use my profession as a teacher to make a difference in their lives.

 Jane: That is really good Jackie, I wish you my best. In your opinion, what would you say is missing in the fashion industry in Tanzania?

 Jackie: What is missing in fashion or modeling industry in Tanzania is that the government is not so supportive of this industry. We are isolated, I would say…that’s why even models feel like they have to do whatever it takes to be recognized even if it means to be used sexually…

We have been witnessing every now and then the downfall of modeling agencies, they fail to see beyond ordinary…if we are to support fashion in one way or another, we must start recognizing and turning the modeling and fashion into a respectable profession.

It’s about time we stand united and call upon government and stakeholders to find a way to set things right starting with recognizing these models just like music artists or actors…they are part of art and their rights should be protected.

Fashion without models is like an ocean without fish or a tribe without customs… Why are we pretending to be proud of them when they win an international contest while we fail to heed their voice?


Jane: That is so profound Jackie, I believe your voice will be heard and acted upon. I am so grateful for taking your time to have this chat, I hope it will inspire people to go for their dreams and take risks.

Jackie: Thank you for having me, Jane and thank you for featuring me on your blog and everything that you are doing on this blog. I truly believe this will inspire even a single person out there. I just want people to remember that

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Okay, that’s all I have for you today. I liked Jackie’s story and her daring nature, she just inspired me to do more with my life. Age is just a number. Let me know what you like about this chat and if you would like me to do more of these.

Until next time,

Jane 🙂

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  • Reply Walter Lyimo November 19, 2017 at 5:32 am

    Very good jackie keep it up
    Hard working pays
    “Work hard , play hard”

  • Reply Getrude November 17, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Wow hongera yako Jackie…polee kwa kupoteza wazazi kilichonivutia ni jitihada zako wala hukutaka kujiwekea visababu vya wewe kushindwa kufika hapo ulipo, nashukuru kwa kuwa nimejifunza mengi kupitia story yako na hasa katika kuamini na kusimamia kile unachokipenda na kukifanyia kazi kwa juhudi zote.
    Jane Asantee sana kwa story kama hizi naomba uendelee kufanya hivo kwani tunajifunza mengi kupitia kwa watu wengine, barikiwa.

  • Reply Katherine Gamble November 15, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    This is so inspiring and moving. What a remarkable woman. Great interview.

  • Reply Angel Johnson November 15, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Wishing Jackie Luck in the Miss Polo International 2018! You can go anywhere with determination and passion.

  • Reply JM Kayne November 15, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    Often people always look up to the government, thinking and blaiming them for not giving this and that… But the truth is, each person holds responsible to our individual life. It is up to us on how we lead our life for the future. Jacqueline’s story is one of the inspiring tale worth sharing. Not because you are orphan from childhood or of any unfortunate situation, you stay where you are. You need to stand up and fight for yourself and your dreams!

    Great interview Jane!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog♥

  • Reply Chrissy November 15, 2017 at 7:30 am

    What a beautiful and inspiring woman. This is also such a great interview as well! x

  • Reply Candy November 15, 2017 at 3:28 am

    Jackie is such a beautiful woman inside and out. I love her amazing story and I hope she wins the Miss Polo International 2018. She would be an amazing role model for everyone.

  • Reply Style & Life by Susana November 14, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    What a gorgeous and inspirational person!!I love reading stories like hers from such amazing people and with such a positive influences. Great post babe!

  • Reply Sheree November 14, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    She has such a beautiful story. Her strength is truly inspirational, and it is so nice to see her blossom. She is truly a talented model, and seems like such a kind person. I definitely enjoyed reading this post!!

    ~xo Sheree

  • Reply Chloe November 14, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    She is absolutely stunning and I’m LOVING her story!! I love hearing about people in different fields and different walks of life. Thank you for sharing!

  • Reply Shasha November 14, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful woman with such an amazing story! I love her last quote where she mentioned that struggles develop your strengths. That’s such a good point and perspective to have. I definitely think you should continue to share stories like Jackie’s on the blog. They are so encouraging and motivating!

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