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A dream is just a starting point | Get to work

June 20, 2017
love - A dream is just a starting point | Get to work

Dear dreamers,

This is a letter from another dreamer just like you… we might not be dreaming of the same thing but we surely do dream. Some of us dream even bigger dreams than ourselves or than anything we have ever seen in this beautiful world of ours and guess what that’s okay.

That’s okay because everything that we see was once a dream, a dream that someone had. A desire to see that dream come to life and that’s what makes dreams beautiful.

Remember Dr Martin Luther King? He once had a dream and having it come true was the best thing he could have ever done to America and the world at large.

But sorry to ruin the fantasy, guess what? Your dreams will always be dreams if you don’t go to work and turn those dreams into reality, into things that the world can cherish and remember you for.

“dreams can’t come true until you do the work”.

You can’t keep talking about your dreams every now and then hoping miracles to come work for you, you have to roll up your sleeves and get those hands dirty with sweat and hard work. You have to pay the price, we all have to.

Everything has a price to be paid for in exchange and your dreams are not any different. I personally think dreams are the most expensive commodities one can buy if they were that cheap everybody could be living their dreams by now!

Ask yourself, how many people do you know who talks about their dreams every day? Well, plenty and many of them die with their dreams because they couldn’t pay the price, they kept sleeping and talking about them hoping some sort of miracles! There won’t be miracles unless you create them.

Lets pause for a minute and think of Nelson Mandela, this man had a dream… a burning desire to see South Africa get her independence and he was ready to pay the price no matter how hard it was!

He spent years and years in jail cell just to see that dream turn to reality regardless of how hard it was. He didn’t give up, he persevered and most it all he believed.

He believed on his dream and himself enough to hold on because he knew what it would take to see his dream come true and we can all agree that he paid the price.

I am a dreamer too just like you, but I am aware of this truth “dreams won’t work until I get myself to work”.

Napoleon Hill once said there is no something for nothing. That era of free lunch has ended long ago; you want something you have to go get it.

Don’t expect to take without giving! It has to be a two way process, give more than you take!

Believe in your dream, believe in yourself and believe on every possibility out there. The world is generous enough to reward those who put in the work, persevere and give all that their hearts can give.

We have been dreaming for way too long, can we now gracefully go do the work and live our dreams?

Everything is possible when we believe and so are our dreams.

JS 🙂

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