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If I am going to die tomorrow | Motivation

August 16, 2017
be yourself

It was 1 am and I couldn’t sleep, perhaps I slept too early…I am not so sure, funny huh! You know what happens when you can’t sleep in a quite night, you can’t hear anything moving or any noises around (okay, I heard a dog from afar) but you know what I could hear loud and clear? My thoughts! Yap, you read that right!

So, I decided to observe my thoughts as they come and go, some of them made sense so I kept them in my mind for a while and those that didn’t I simply pushed them away and observed them as they fade. Then this strange thought hit me, I was tempted to let it pass but then I decided to see what my inner self had to say about it “if I am to die tomorrow”.

I asked myself if I could die a happy person, with a smile on my face that says “I lived”! well, as funny as it may sound I saw myself dying with anger, sadness and sorrow…my eyes were watery, I realized if I am to die tomorrow then I am going to die unsatisfied person, with a lot to regret!

Chances I didn’t take, things that I should have said but I kept my mouth shut, things that I shouldn’t have said but I did anyway… so I made a decision, if I am to die tomorrow then I am going to do the following today;

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