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Meet Jacqueline Alfonce Meela | A Teacher and a Model

November 14, 2017

Hi loves 🙂 how are you today? Did you guys have a good weekend and ready to conquer the week? I am 😉 Thank you for stopping by, let’s get started with our short chat with Jackie.

So, I have met Jackie through my friend Dorcas who is a designer. I have known Dorcas since college (2010) and we have been friends ever since. She knows I admire people who are doing more with their lives and are not afraid to take risks and go for their dreams that’s why she introduced me to Jackie. Her story inspired in so many ways that’s I decided to share it with you guys. And here is our chat,


Jane: So, shall we start from the beginning?

Jackie: My name is Jacqueline Alfonce Meela (23) a teacher by profession and a model. I am an orphan since I was two years old, I was raised up by my beautiful grandmother. Beyond my teaching career, in my free time/ after school I do modeling because I am passionate about it, I also get money from it to support my living expenses and I also support my beautiful grandmother.

The feeling of being an orphan was so hectic and traumatizing but I didn’t let it consume my energy, instead, I used it as a motivation for living a dream in me. I came to realize, sometimes you need hardship and struggles to generate the meaning.

Purpose is what creates powerful stories of struggles and triumph. If you don’t have a purpose, everything seems pointless.

Despite the fact that I lost my parents at a very young age, I managed to go to school. I studied very hard to become the person I am today. I believed that, for me to accomplish anything big or small is to acknowledge that I am in control, I get to decide ‘I can do this’

The process is hard because it requires taking on responsibilities, being like “okay this is my thing now, I have to do this”.

As I mentioned, I do modeling in my free time and I officially started in 2015 and I started with Christian fashion day show, then the modeling journey continued, then I did Shammy’s dream fashion show, Tanzanite fashion show, Vaa Africa fashion show, Arusha Gem Fair.


Jane: I am so sorry about your parents.

Jackie: Thank you, Jane.

Jane: But why modeling? Why not something else?

Jackie: Everyone’s story has a beginning…every life has its meaning and potential, but sometimes it’s hard to understand our own beginnings nor realizing our true potential… There are many ways to define our fragile existence and many ways to give its meaning, but it’s our love and passion that shape its purpose and give its context.

For me, the sound of my shoes gives great joy whenever I walk on the stage presenting a variety of beautifully designed outfits as a result of the utmost creativity portrayed through clothes and this has been a response from the effort invested through watching different TV programs on fashion and modeling.


Modelling is my passion. I do it from my heart, I enjoy doing it especially when I’m on stage, and I have loved it since I was 12. Other kids used to call me Miss Tz, but I just wanted to know more about modeling and fashion. (I might be in love with people in fashion, unknowingly 🙂  😉 you will know what I mean if you read this post 🙂

Jane: Are you expecting to do anything big next year or years to come?

Jackie: I am aspiring to achieve great things through modeling and fashion. At the moment I am so determined to win the Miss Polo International 2018 in Nigeria as I am the only contestant representing my beautiful country Tanzania.

Through this contest, I cast a stone and make a call to all models, especially young women across African and the globe in general, allow your gift to shine, allow yourself to use your voice, use your talents no matter where you may have limitations. There is always an opportunity to connect and be compassionate enough to share your gifts with the world.


Well, I also plan to open an orphanage center and a school, because children without parents are mostly forgotten in my society. I became a teacher because I love children, and I will use my profession as a teacher to make a difference in their lives.

 Jane: That is really good Jackie, I wish you my best. In your opinion, what would you say is missing in the fashion industry in Tanzania?

 Jackie: What is missing in fashion or modeling industry in Tanzania is that the government is not so supportive of this industry. We are isolated, I would say…that’s why even models feel like they have to do whatever it takes to be recognized even if it means to be used sexually…

We have been witnessing every now and then the downfall of modeling agencies, they fail to see beyond ordinary…if we are to support fashion in one way or another, we must start recognizing and turning the modeling and fashion into a respectable profession.

It’s about time we stand united and call upon government and stakeholders to find a way to set things right starting with recognizing these models just like music artists or actors…they are part of art and their rights should be protected.

Fashion without models is like an ocean without fish or a tribe without customs… Why are we pretending to be proud of them when they win an international contest while we fail to heed their voice?


Jane: That is so profound Jackie, I believe your voice will be heard and acted upon. I am so grateful for taking your time to have this chat, I hope it will inspire people to go for their dreams and take risks.

Jackie: Thank you for having me, Jane and thank you for featuring me on your blog and everything that you are doing on this blog. I truly believe this will inspire even a single person out there. I just want people to remember that

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Okay, that’s all I have for you today. I liked Jackie’s story and her daring nature, she just inspired me to do more with my life. Age is just a number. Let me know what you like about this chat and if you would like me to do more of these.

Until next time,

Jane 🙂

Open Letters

5 Ways to Manage Time | The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

November 8, 2017
time management

How to manage your time! Not as easy as it sounds but who said it is impossible?

How are you dearies, I believe you are having a great week. Thank you for stopping by, let’s get started 🙂

So, you guys know I have been struggling with procrastination and lucky me I found ways to beat it and now I am doing pretty well. But then the struggle comes when I have to manage my time.

We all want to not only be able to do what we have to do (not procrastinate) but we have to make sure that we do everything in a reasonable amount of time, we must manage our time and stay productive.

I found ways to manage my time through the monk who sold his Ferrari, what a nice book! Remember I shared some lessons on 10 ways of radiant living. I still live by those 10 tips and I am happy to say my life is getting better and these can help you do the same.

This book is amazing, so much to learn. If you haven’t read it yet be sure to have your copy, I promise it is worth it.

Here are 5 ways I manage my time:

  1. Set priorities for each day

time management

We all know how long our to-do lists can be sometimes and you have no idea where to even start, so you are just sitting there complaining about how you have so much to do and the funny thing is that you are not doing any of things you have to do. That’s why having priorities will help you know exactly where to start and where you want to reach the end of the day. You must have a definite purpose for your day for you to stay productive. You must set goals.

Julian (in the book) says, your mind is a garden how you take care of it determines how you spend your days and planning helps your mind to know what it has to do, when and why.

Enlightened people are priority driven, let your priorities drive your day.

  1. Learn to say no and don’t let others steal your time

time management

Okay, I will be straight with you, this was really hard for me! I couldn’t say no without feeling guilty about it and if I couldn’t say no, then I will say yes and make promises I can’t keep and turn myself into a lying person, yes, that’s how hard it was for me to say a straight no! If you cannot manage to add something else to your already packed to do just simply say ‘no’. Saying no will help you do more of the things that you love to do. And you know they say if you love what you do you won’t have to work a day in your life. I totally agree with this, once you start doing what you love, your perspective of work changes entirely.

Say no to unnecessary calls and chitchats, they are stealing your time. Say no but don’t be rude about it and don’t say no to things that you must do and are your responsibilities but you are just being lazy and you force people to keep reminding you to do them, which is just not cool!

Learn to say no. Having the courage to say no to the little things in life will give you the power to say yes to the big things.

  1. Stop acting like you have 500 years to live

Do you have those weekends that you wake up and spend all the weekend in your pajamas, watching movies and when Monday comes you start asking yourself how the hell did you lose 48 hours of your life? Yeah, I have those as if I have 500 years in store for me! What a shame!

The best time to plant a tree was forty years ago. The second best time is today. Don’t waste even one minute of your day. Develop a deathbed mentality.

If you knew that today is your last day to be alive, would you still spend your time the way you do? If yes, then you have your whole life figured out and if not you need to change something in your life. Life is too short to waste it on things that won’t matter in the next 5 years from now if they don’t, then stop wasting your precious commodity – time.

time management

I had this thought of deathbed mentality a few months back, I wrote here “if I am going to die tomorrow” have a look at this and you will better understand the deathbed mentality.

  1. You must have self-discipline

Planning, priorities, goal setting and saying no sound so easy to do but trust me none of these are as easy as it sounds! You must be disciplined enough to commit yourself to doing what you say you are going to do. You must push yourself to do more and be more. Julian says time mastery lead to life mastery. Self-discipline doesn’t get strong overnight you have to put in the work, you must have willpower and promise yourself that nothing will stop you from doing what you say you will do at the time you said you will. Be creative in managing your time.

The most productive people in this world have cultivated the habit of doing the things that less productive people don’t like doing, even though they too might not like doing them.

  1. Have fun

Laughter opens your heart and soothes your soul. No one should ever take life so seriously that they forget to laugh at themselves.

Managing your time and being productive doesn’t mean you should forget to have fun along the way, if you do, well then you will be putting off living which is a bad idea. Why go to all the trouble if you can’t enjoy and be happy about your life? Have a sense of humor, it will do you good.

Do something fun, take care of yourself, I take care of plants it makes me feel happy, you should see me do that. I have fun with it and the plants do too, that is the best part of it.

time management


Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again. Those who use time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives.

So, how do you manage your time and stay productive as much as possible? lets talk in comments below.

Until next time,

Jane 🙂

Open Letters

How To Beat Procrastination | Confession

October 14, 2017

If it wasn’t for procrastination I would have accomplished a lot in my life and I would probably be posting 3 days a week or every day!

I had to go right to the intro para before I decided tomorrow would be a good day to write about procrastination than today! 🙂

So, how is everyone doing? 🙂 Is October treating you right? For, me it is a two-way process. If I treat her bad then I have to expect a payback and vice versa.

I have been struggling with procrastination for a very long time! Even when I was at school, I would have an assignment due in a week but I would start working on it 2 days to deadline, not that I was too busy to do it but because I was too good at saying “Aaah, I will do this later” and you guessed it, later never comes!

And when the deadline is having me run 3 miles while I can only manage 1, I swear to myself never to do it again! I promise myself, next time I will do it right away and well, it never happens!

So, it turns to be a vicious circle! The circle that I can’t handle now that I am an adult with goals to reach and no one is here to push me to do things, no one is setting a deadline for me, no one will question me, more like, I take control of my life and adulting is no joke!

Something had to be done to make sure I rock at the adulting stuff and be the person I want to and achieve as much as I possibly can. Here are some of the things I do to stay on top of things:

  1. Call yourself out (How to be a Bawse reference) 🙂

Well, the very first thing you can do is to realize and accept the fact that you are a procrastinator and be ready to commit yourself to changing that and achieving more in life! They say the more you resist something the more you give it power. So once you look the problem in the face and admit that it is there it is the very first step to beating it!

In the process, don’t be too hard on yourself and regret all the things you couldn’t do simply because you were procrastinating, now that you know better it is never too late. Stay positive and know that you can change, I mean anybody can change if they want to.


  1. Set goals + deadlines

There is no way you can achieve anything if you have no idea what you want to achieve in the first place! So, take that notebook/diary or anything really that you can write what you want to do. In this to goal list/to do list start with most important things that you must do and finish up with less important things. Be sure to start small, go step by step and you finish a task.

Be sure to set time in each goal, you have to state exactly how long you are planning on spending doing a task otherwise you might spend the whole day with an excuse that you are busy working on one thing, we both know you are procrastinating while trying to beat procrastination, I know this because I was that person!

This is what Harvey Mackay meant when he said a dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

  1. Define your working space

Our working environment has so much impact on how we feel about ourselves and how productive we can be! I have realized that when my desk is unorganized I tend to procrastinate, a lot! So, I clean up my desk to how I like it to have an empty space with a few things that I need to allow my mind to think clearly, play some music and this has helped me a lot to stop procrastination.

Find out what works for you and do that!


  1. Start even when you are not ready (Take action)

Okay, procrastinator to procrastinator, we both know how good we are at finding reasons not to do something! Sometime back before I decided to change, I would seat down ready to work but then I will remember about that apple I have in my fridge will go take it get back on my chair saying “let’s do this”!

But then before I even start I remember about that message I didn’t reply from two days ago and then I will go on Instagram and you know what happens there when you start scrolling, 5 hours later I haven’t done anything! And you know what comes next? I hate myself for being lazy and swear it won’t happen again and yet, somehow it happens all the time!

To put an end to this, I started to jump right into doing something even when I am not ready! Without giving myself a chance to over think and find ways to procrastinate. The funny thing is that 15 minutes later I am like, ‘ooh, this was easy than I thought’ and in the process, I fall in love with a task, feel good about myself and then I made it a habit since then! We procrastinate sometimes not because we are lazy but because we are scared of starting a task, back in our mind we think we might fail. So, just do it!


  1. Celebrate every small victory

As I mentioned here that adding something you enjoy into the very end of your to-do list helps you focus on finishing up your tasks so you can enjoy that one episode of the good place or that movie you have been eying on.

When you this you are somehow forcing your mind not to procrastinate because at the end of it there is something good to enjoy.

You know it feels good when you have a tick on each task, your mind feels much better, you don’t have anything to feel bad about and the funny thing about our mind is that when it associates itself with some pleasure it tends to be more productive on anything that feels like “pleasure”!  So, trick your mind into loving what you do and you will always be productive!

  1. Publicize your goals

Not like publically announce your goals, no, I mean, for me I choose someone to tell about my goals and when exactly I want to achieve them. This helps because I like winning, I really do! So, when I tell you I am going to do this and that I am committing myself to that, because, yes, who likes to be perceived as a failure? No one!

So, choose a person that will help you to be accountable for your action, trust me your mind will scare away from procrastinating and it will help you achieve your goals.


  1. Reflect

Reflect on yourself. Ask some tough questions like are you doing as good as you want to? Is there anything you can do better? is there anything you want to change? Is there anything you want to do differently?

There is always a room for improvement and reflecting on yourself helps you do exactly that. But don’t be hard on yourself in the process. Applause yourself if there is something that you gave your best.

Just do it even when you are not ready! You got this.

Don’t wait; the time will never be just right. Napoleon Hill.

How do you beat procrastination? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Jane 🙂

Open Letters

Moving Past Tough Seasons of Life | Pushing Forward

October 1, 2017

It is October everyone, Yey! 🙂 Happy new Month, good people. Time flies, 3 months to 2018. Khaaa! How the hell did we get here? I hope I am not the only one asking this? 🙂 For my sake, I hope not 😉

In 1997, I was between ages 5-10. It was at this age that I could really understand things (ok, not clearly, but I did!) I just started standard one then and well you know how it feels when you start school, you feel like you are growing up because you wake up in the morning and look forward to something exciting!

I could brag about it not so much though; my mom was a teacher at my school (still is and I am proud of her) I had to keep it cool! 🙂 You know, high grades…excellent manners… 😉

I started standard one in 1997, then in 2003 I was in standard seven…well then I figured that we start at some point and end at the other and then start again somewhere.


When a day starts it is obvious it will end and then a new day comes, then a new week starts and then it ends and then a new one is here…and then a new year begins and then it ends after 12 months! So everything begins and ends…and that’s how it is and that’s how it will always be!

In life, we go through different situations… as we live on we start some new friendships, we get an exciting new job…and they pay you handsomely and life is good! You build some new business, relationships and everything is just perfect and all is well!

But then, there is a season for everything in this life! Season of happiness, a season of sorrow, sadness, anger, laughter and season for everything!

And when the seasons of sadness and sorrow come to our life all over suddenly everything is turned upside down and nothing seems to be alright! The friendships and relationships that were so exciting at the beginning they now bring tears…they bring sorrow and sadness to us because the season is over!

That job you loved so much is over and you have nothing to look forward to when you go to bed at night because the new season has begun!

When all this begins, when the new season begins (the season that does not favor us) we lose hope! We tell ourselves how bad this is and how you don’t know how all this happened because it was all fine just yesterday!



Everything that you believed in, everything that you loved about your life disappeared and you just don’t know what to do!

You ask yourself a thousand questions of why did happen to you, why did it happen now and you ask yourself where you did go wrong and what did you do wrong and you have no answer to even a single question from all of this!

You try to figure out your options; like what should you do? Where you should start and who you should talk to about all this and to your surprise, you can’t find anyone and you think your only option is to give up!

You choose to give up on building new relationships, new friendships! You give up on finding a new job, you forget all the potentials, skills and experiences that you have on getting any new job of your professional if you really tried to look for one! You don’t want to start a new business because you are scared it is going to fail, again!

The change of season kicks you hard in the stomach; you even give up on yourself! You forget how good you are!

When this happens, I lose my cool. I cry myself to sleep every night. I Curse on everything until things get better! Until I get a hold of myself and start over again.

When you remember that your thoughts and actions determine your life, you get up and push forward even harder.

All of these are just seasons! Good or bad, summer or winter, it won’t last forever! If your life turned upside down and you don’t know what to do then tell yourself that the seasons changed a bit but soon enough your favorite season will come and all will be good!



If 2017 wasn’t your year if you didn’t achieve what you planned to then don’t give up on yourself and what you want…The three remaining months might make a difference if you try harder but if it doesn’t then 2018 is coming and if you keep your faith, efforts and focus then you will achieve even more!

1997 didn’t last that long…2017 is ending, it might not have been as good as we all wanted it to be but we had it and the most important thing is that we had our lessons and we should be grateful and learn from it so that 2018 will be as incredible as we hope it to be! (Tuning to a new day has come by Celine Dion)

Just remember, if it starts somewhere then it must end somewhere! Stay positive, go for what you want, work hard, stay humble and be grateful always.


It gets better, keep pushing forward.

 Until next time,

Jane 🙂

Open Letters

#WCW Meet Flaviana Matata | Dreamers & Doers

September 27, 2017
Flaviana Matata

So, if you haven’t noticed by now I am a kind of person who feels happy when other people are succeeding and achieving their goals.

You see, I get really inspired and motivated by them; they help me to believe that anybody has a chance to achieve their goals and they give me a new perspective to life every single day.

As a way of celebrating their achievements and spreading the positive vibes here, I am starting a series called “Dreamers & Doers” to recognize their achievements. Who knows, they might motivate you to do more.

So, gals & boys, 😉 meet Flaviana Matata. I am not ashamed to say I stalk her on her Instagram page. I don’t stalk her to get some gossip, if you know her then you know that there is no gossip you will find on her page and yes I am so picky on who I follow on Instagram because I love feeding my mind with the best food and she provides that.


Flaviana Matata

Flaviana seems to be a down to earth person, simple, courageous and yes very beautiful. She might be the Tanzania sweetheart. I haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, but I still believe she is what I define her to be (not that I have the right to do that) I am a good judge of character.

Flaviana is an International model, a philanthropist, and a businesswoman. She started her career in 2007 when she won Miss Universe Pageant in Tanzania and later she was the first person to represent Tanzania in the Miss Universe competition where she landed on number 6 after the semifinals.

Modeling career + how it all started

flaviana matata


Flaviana’s career started when she was discovered by Russell Simmons who paved her way to landing interviews with different modeling agencies in the US. Thanks to those interviews she signed her first contract with NEXT – New York, London, and Paris.

She has worked with a number of big names in the fashion industry like Jason Wu, Charlotte Ronson, Rachel Roy, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Burch and Vivienne Westwood. This Tanzanian supermodel is the only African model to be a part of the Diesel + EDUN campaign for Africa – an initiative by the two brands to benefit African cotton farmers.

Now this superwoman is working with Wilhelmina Models US and Boss Models South Africa and according to Forbes, she was one of the top seven models with the highest income in Africa 2013.


flaviana matata

“Imagine a place where equality really does exist. Imagine a place where girls can excel in education and be valued members of society. Imagine a place where women can apply their knowledge and skills to stop the cycle of poverty from continuing”. Flaviana Matata Foundation.

This kind of vision gives you a picture of what kind of a person Flaviana is! The Flaviana Matata Foundation (Check her website here.) aims at making sure that underprivileged girls have equal chance to get education.

Projects under the Flaviana Matata Foundation include:

  • Education Sponsorship for Young Girls
  • Stationery Back To School Project 2017
  • New Classroom Project in partnership with Franco Tramontano
  • Teachers Latrines Project
  • Students Latrines Project in partnership with Mo Dewji Foundation

There is something inspiring when you achieve your goals and you still take time to make sure your community is well taken care of. No one has ever become poor from giving.



Flaviana Matata

As I mentioned Flaviana is a successful businesswoman. She is the founder and owner of Lavy Products (nail polish) with its presence in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, USA, SA, and Rwanda. The first shipment sold out in two weeks, this proves how good the product is.

According to how we made is in Africa, Flaviana wants to expand her company’s portfolio beyond just nail polish, becoming a one-stop shop for nail-care products, with items such as nail files, cuticle oils, lotions and nail-polish removers.

Love + Relationship

flaviana Matata

Flaviana is a happily married woman. She tied the knot with Deo Massawe in 2015.

According to Defining Dar, Flaviana believes that marriage brings in commitment, that none other relationship has. Two people can live together while not being married, but a marriage brings in God’s blessings and that is what I believe makes it so special.

More reads:

The go-giver | Book Review

The prophet | Book Review

How I find my reading time.

Women supporting women 

Having following Flaviana’s journey and achievements I have come to realize that everything is possible and hard work pays regardless of what people say. Go for what you want, work hard for it, be nice to people and give back.

I know there is a lot going on at the moment, according to her Instagram page, she is now working with which says she very excited about it and still humble as always.

flaviana matata

I am hoping to have a talk with her before the end of this year, which will be a dream come true for me! 🙂 I love her and how courageous she is. Featuring her here in this space will be a step forward for me and it will motivate many of young women in my country and elsewhere. Fingers crossed guys. 🙂

Be sure to check out her Instagram page here. And you can check my Instagram here 😉 🙂

Work for what you want and be persistent. Flaviana Matata

Photos: Her Instagram page

So, who inspires you?

Until next time guys,


Open Letters

How you Think Determines The Outcome of Your Life

September 12, 2017
you are what you think

“You are what you think” I have been reading and hearing about this all my life, ok, maybe not all my life but many times 😉 I have read about it countless on The Secret a book by Rhonda Byrnes. If you haven’t read it or watched the movie then please do.

If you think you don’t have time to read, have a look here on how I find my reading time.

I have come to believe that this is some kind of a universal law. I have become a believer and a follower of this.

I believe that people create their own realities every single day in their lives. Everything that is happening in our lives is the products of our own thoughts and actions.

You are probably wondering how I happened to believe this, yeah I wondered about this myself many times. But one day I had to sit down and really reflect on my thoughts. I started asking myself; what is it that I thought about many times in the past few years? What is it that I wanted so much to happen in my life?

you are what you think

You guessed it, I wanted everything that I am today, yap everything. Okay, still working on many of them but getting there. I know it can be hard to believe sometimes but that is a reality. I wanted so much to be a blogger, I wanted so much to be a writer and I still want much more.

Our realities are created by our own minds, either you believe it or not. The bible itself says “as a man thinketh so he becomes” you become what you think. Every thought that comes to your mind and dwells in there for a long time, accompanied by your faith and your belief that’s how your reality is being created.

Get this, how many times you tell yourself you are going to fail at something, you think about it so much that you believe it and it turns out you fail and you complain about how much you know you are going to fail in the first place? Yes, you created that failure yourself, in your mind. So you shouldn’t be complaining, you should be thanking yourself for inviting failure.

This is true to people who succeed in life. These people are no different from you. The only difference is that they think different thought from yours. These people think success, believe success and their thoughts become their realities.

Then if this is how things go in the universe why are we creating our own misery every single day and we keep complaining why everything that we don’t want to keep happening to us? Well, you know the answer to that, we keep thinking about things that we don’t want, we complain about things we don’t want, we believe in them and manifest in our lives.

you are what you think

Our minds are the workshop of everything, our minds are the engineers of our lives, and either we want or not! This is one of the powerful gifts we have been given by the creator of the heavens and earth. If we work toward mastering even 10% of our minds, then our lives will be a different story of its own.

What if we change how we think even for a second, what if we change what we believe and see what miracles can happen in our lives. We create who we are and what we are through our minds. Let us learn to control them and we will control everything about our lives.

You don’t have to agree with me, but why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose anyways. Just try and be positive for an hour and see how different your life can be. Then from there, you can decide if being positive, changing how you think is something worth doing, then go ahead and do it and if not, by all means, be my guest.

Until next time,
Jane 🙂

Open Letters

Twenty something | aging gracefully and getting wiser

September 5, 2017

Honestly, I wouldn’t call myself wiser, but for the sake of #BirthdayGirl we should let it slide. (A girl can dream) 😉 #BirthdayGirl because it is still #BirthdayWeek. I know there is no such a thing but roll with it!

So, my birthday was on 31/08, where are my Virgo squad at? And yes, I believe in those things. I think they do make sense and sometimes they really tell the truth, let’s give them some credits. So, if you believe in them, you might as well be able to tell what kind of a person I am. If not, then that is a story for another time.

Well, twenty something is not a joke. So along the way I have gathered some lessons that have shaped me to be whom I am and they will continue to shape me. I will keep learning and unlearning because learning is an endless process and I am always ready to learn and unlearn. Hey, I am not perfect, I am actually very far from it and that is okay.

So, allow me to share with you some few lessons I have learned and still learning. You might agree with some of them and you might disagree with some and that’s okay. So, here we go:


1. Family comes first

Ok, this might be so obvious but hear me out. When we were born first thing that was given to us is family. And family stick with us from birth to death, to me that is something to be grateful for. No matter what happens in your life, these are your people and they will always stand by you even when the whole world is against you.

Ok, I know we may fight, don’t talk for some time but in the end, they will stick with you no matter what. For me my family has been and will always be family, your family will always be there for you even when you are not there for yourself. They believe in you, love you, and they won’t give up on you. They may not say or show it quite as much as you would like them to but deep down they are always rooting for you.

2. People come and go

This might be the hardest lesson to grasp but it is nothing but the truth. Do you remember how many people used to be your friends and now you have no idea where they are, what they do and you don’t even remember their names even if you tried? When some people leave it hurts the most and some it doesn’t hurt, but either way, you have to let them go.

They left because they couldn’t handle your positive vibes or the other way, it doesn’t mean they are bad people it just means they didn’t want to stay, still let them go and appreciate those who stick by you. Know when to hold on and when to let go.

You can’t please everyone, you won’t be liked by everyone and that’s okay, live your life and remember that it is okay to be different.

3. A grateful heart is a happy heart


This is a lesson I learned at a very early age. And it has been my way of life ever since. I learned this from my mother. She is always grateful no matter what is happening in her life she will always say, ”it is God’s plan and I am grateful”. I didn’t understand her logic until now, the thing is, no matter how hard things are in your life there is always something to be grateful for.

Even the smallest things are worth being grateful for and once you are able to find things to be grateful for every single day then you will realize how blessed you are and for that, you will be happy.

Appreciate the simple things, they carry loads of meaning and they might be the very things that make you a happy person.

4. Life is a series of seasons


Nothing is permanent in this life. Your life itself has an end. That is nothing but the way of life. I remember at the end of last year and the beginning of this year was a very low part of my life. Things didn’t go as planned, I had no idea what will happen next and how I am going to get through it or let alone getting through the day, yes it was that bad. But here I am, 7 months later and I haven’t figured everything out but now it is a different story.

So, no matter what season you are in right now, it will come to an end and a new season will come. You have to understand everything comes and goes, just like people. You might have no idea what you are doing with your life now but in time you will look back and ‘it was just a season’ and life will go on!

5. Be a nice person, for no reason

I know it is such a cliché, but hear me out. I know there are a lot of crappy people in the world and they can totally ruin your vibes but you have to take the high road and be a bigger person. I have learned that people who treat you badly don’t necessarily mean they are bad people, it just means they are probably having things that they going through or they are just crappy people.

Don’t let that bother you and change who you are and try to fight them, they will surely beat you because they are experienced than you are at being low and that will ruin your inner peace. Let them be, let it go and continue to be a nice person but be sure to remember your worth. Don’t criticize them for their bad behaviors but rather acknowledge their good behaviors and you are more likely to help them that way.


6. Money is important but it is not everything

I stand to be corrected on this, but for me, money is important but it is not everything there is in life. There are far more valuable things that money will never buy. Things like happiness, true relationships, kindness or a good heart.

I know you will argue with me that money can buy things that can make you happy, yes that is true. But the funny thing is that you will be happy for a while and then your unsatisfied heart will desire for something else.

Some people will pretend to be your best friends just because you have money. Hell, someone will marry you or be with you simply because there is money involved! And there is nothing real about that.

7. Start where you are with what you have

We sometimes get stuck somewhere because we have a number of excuses of why we can’t start doing something that we say we want to do, with a bunch of excuses that we don’t have this or that to start. Take an example of my blog, I had this idea of launching my blog ever since I can remember but I didn’t until two months ago. I was putting this off because I didn’t have a camera, then I was scared, yes there is always that fear! Maybe it won’t work, well how would you know if you don’t try?

Give it a try, work hard and then later you can say it didn’t work. But tell you what? Hard work pays, big time! Find what you are passionate about, love it, invest yourself in it, work hard and let the universe see you, I promise it will reward you. Trust me, like attracts like. You get what you give – Law of attraction reference

Get out of your comfort zone, take risks and be your best version

8. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

This is quite important for anyone hoping to live a happy life. PMA will help you conquer some hardship in your life. It will help you to be a nice person even when people give you all the reasons not to be.

This kind of attitude has helped to have hopes even when I know something won’t work out and sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.
You know you get in life what you expect and you become what you think. Here is where this attitude comes in handy. If you think you will succeed at something and you make efforts then that’s exactly what you will get. Like attracts like – yes, Law of attraction reference – again, this should give you a clue that I believe in it 😉

9. Never stop learning


Yes, never say never but let’s forget that for a moment “never stop learning”. Learning is a process. Going to school is not the only learning there is. Learn from your environment, learn from you meet every single day and learn from everything you see, you will be surprised by how much there is to learn.

Everybody and everything have something to teach. It might be something you want to do or something you would want to do. Learn from your mistakes, allow them to teach you and help you become a better person.

Read books, essays, articles and everything else that you believe might teach you something. There is so much knowledge in these things, book especially for me. I get to use someone else’s mind for a moment and improve myself. Ever since I decided to invest in myself by learning, I never looked back. I am a better person because of it. So yeah, never stop learning.

10. The most powerful and the weakest thing in your life is YOU

If it is one thing one we all have control with, it is ourselves! You don’t have control to your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, and weather, how people live their lives or their behaviors. Hell, you don’t have control over anything but yourself!

You can control how you react to what people do to you. You can control who you allow into your life, yes you have that power and it is very liberating to know that! You are very powerful, and that’s why I said you have to learn to let people go because you don’t have any control over them! You can simply control how you react to their leaving and not otherwise.

You can live whatever kind of life you choose for yourself. There is so much you can do with your life once you realize the power you hold. Don’t forget the weakness that you have! You can hold yourself down or you can push yourself to do better.

Don’t ever find a person to blame when things go wrong! Take responsibility for your actions. Look back, see what you did wrong if you can’t change it then learn from it and be sure not to repeat the same mistake again!

You are the most powerful and the weakest weapon you have, embrace who you are and take care of yourself.

Love yourself and forgive yourself but never blame others for your shortcoming. We only get one life, we might as well live it and enjoy it to the fullest. Work hard, stay humble, be grateful and be a nice person, always.

Well loves, there you have it… a lot of lessons but these are on my top 10. I hope they help you in one way or the other.

Happy birthday to me, yey!

Until next time,
JS 🙂

Open Letters

Hold On, This Too Shall Pass | Motivation

September 3, 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope ya’all are having a great weekend.

In life we all pass through tough and frustrating times, some of these tough times are under our control and some of them are not of our making. There is this saying “everything happens for a reason” and I happen to be a huge believer of it.

Though sometimes we all wish to know those reasons, but hey, we both know we can’t stand those reasons because they might hurt us than we can ever imagine! And that’s the major reason why God never give a reason to why everything happens.

As he says in the holy bible Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace not of evil, to give you an expected end” with his words, we all are assured that God doesn’t plan things to go wrong to us, all these happen to make us stronger and prepare for the best things he has in store for us as God’s timing is always perfect.


We always worry and fear of our lives; we think too hard of what will happen tomorrow, what will be of us if all these don’t pass! We forget that God is always holding our hands and bless the good and the evil, the just and the unjust. Sometimes people do bad things to us, make us sad, cry, depressed and frustrated with their words forgetting that we are human beings too and our feelings get hurt! Don’t fight it, God sees it and he will repay for you.

As he says in Isaiah 41:10-13 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy Lord: I will strengthen thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: and they shall be as nothing and they that strive with thee shall perish. Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee; they that war against thee shall be as nothing as, and as a thing of nought. For I, the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto, fear not; I will help thee.”

All those we fear, they will be nothing when we give our hearts and faith to the Lord who will do everything for us and we have nothing to fear! Let us learn to ask for help from God, let us call him as he is always there for us, he will never leave us to drawn. Mathew 7:7-8 “ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and he that knocketh it shall be opened.”


Let us raise our heads high and receive the blessing from the Lord, our heavenly Father for he gives his blessing to the strongest soldiers. Arise for thy light is coming and the glory of the Lord is raised upon thee. And THIS TOO SHALL PASS. “What shall we then say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Everything that we go through will pass in time; everything has a beginning and an end. Everything has its seasons and so are the hard times and pain. Don’t let this pain break and change the person you are, learn from it, grow from it and allow it to transform you.

You are built to win, to shine, to be happy and live life to the fullest.

Here are some of my top 10 quotes to help you get through these tough times.

In the end, everything will be fine and if it is not, then it is not the end.

Remember that time when you said you wouldn’t get through that illness, sorrow, sadness and everything else but you came through it all? Yes, this time is no different! So, believe me, when I say Hold on, this too shall pass.

Until next time,
JS 🙂

Open Letters

My Top 10 Quotes That Can Push You To Do Better | Motivation

August 29, 2017

I just love quotes about everything 🙂 😉

Hey loves, thank you for stopping by. I believe you are having a productive week 🙂 Today I have something to share with that can push you to stay motivated. 🙂

If you are like me you will agree that sometimes quotes can express what we want to say better than ourselves. Quotes can motivate us and they can speak for us. Have you ever read a quote and said, “oh my God, this is what I am feeling right now” or “I needed to hear/read this today”?

Yes, it happens, we all need some motivation every now and then. Because we are human and we won’t be up to do something all the time even when we know how important that something is. So yes, some of us accomplish and live because of such kind of motivations and quotes.

As for me, I have some quotes that push me to do more, stay disciplined, motivated, inspired and committed. If you need some push today then allow me to share my top 10 quotes that push me every now and then:

  1. You can have results or excuses. Not both. Choose wisely



2. The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity. Bidemi Mark-Mordi




3. There are no limitations to the mind except those you acknowledge. Napoleon Hill



4. Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you.



5. You got this.



6. Just one more time.


7. Humans are creatures of habits. If you quit when things get tough, it gets that much easier to quit next time. If you force yourself to push through it, the grit begins to grow in you. Travis Bradberry


8. Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. And laugh a lot – It is good for you. Paula Radcliffe


9. Television is like American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up every time. Alfred Hitchcock


10. I don’t like to gamble, but if there is one thing I am willing to bet on, it is myself. Beyonce


Work hard and stay humble


Need some more motivation? Read here and here 🙂

So, there you have it. I hope these will motivate you to push yourself to be better and do better. What is your favorite quote? Share with me in the comments below.

Until next time

JS 🙂


Book Summary | The Magic Of Thinking Big

August 23, 2017
book summary, the magic of thinking big

They say reading is the best hobby one can possess. In reading, you get to learn many things that might be of much help to your career and life in general. Reading a self-help book at least for 30 minutes a day or a book in each month or two depending on your timetable, may help you grow, change your way of thinking and your perceptions towards life.

I personally love reading as much as I love writing. Reading can be much more alive than watching movies. When reading a book, with the writer’s descriptions of events, your brain produces its own moving pictures and scenes! You simply visualize what you read, your imaginations help you to understand and memorize the message as they say don’t underestimate the power of vision and imagination.

If you can imagine then you can be it!

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